Leadership Programme

In the twenty-first century, leaders are made, not born. Whatever your current skill-base, you can build on it. In this one day intensive workshop, renowned leadership and management development consultant Robert Hersowitz will show you how. He focuses on the key factors, competencies, skills and techniques that today’s senior managers need to be aware of in order to improve their performance as successful leaders.

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Introduction to Management

Becoming a manager is more than just a change of job title, it means being able to demonstrate the skills and competences required to lead a team successfully in your organisation. Not only will you require highly developed planning and organisational skills if you are to complete tasks efficiently, but you will need to understand the people you are working with at all levels (starting with yourself).

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Managing and Working Remotely

Today’s workplace is changing fast with cross-border, flexible and remote working becoming an increasing reality for more employees each year. Without doubt, this trend is set to continue with significant implications for business leaders and managers and how they effectively manage, communicate with, and motivate their teams.

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Personal Effectiveness and Influencing Skills

How well you relate to other people and use a wide range of techniques to influence them will decide your level of corporate success.

New management techniques focus on collaboration across boundaries, improved communication, negotiation skills, motivation and teamwork. In addition contemporary organisational life is changing from a fixed hierarchical approach to loose networking with a wide range of people from different disciplines and a variety of cultures. Furthermore, the common theme affecting most organisations is CHANGE and all that this implies: competition, increased economic upheaval, reorganisation, remote working, instability and potential conflict.

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Assertiveness for Maximum Impact

In every area of business (and personal) life you’re going to have to make requests, deflect anger, deal with conflict or simply say “no” convincingly. Few people find this easy. But there are specific techniques that can be learned to help you act effectively.

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The High Performance Manager

  • Understand how organisations are changing and the effects of this changeon the management of people
  • Understand the art of coaching and how to manage upwards, downwardsand cross-functionally
  • Be aware of your own behavioural style and how it affects others
  • Know how to sell ideas and be able to persuade and influence others at alllevels, both inside and outside the organisation
  • Be able to manage and develop the performance and productivity of yourstaff

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The People Skills of Management

This three-day programme provides you with a unique opportunity to accelerate the development of your skills, whether you are focusing on managing the impact of change or transition, building a high performance team, or developing the trust, enthusiasm and mutual support of your employees. Working with a range of practical tools, frameworks and techniques and with the benefit of the combined experience of your Programme Director and fellow course delegates, this event is guaranteed to improve your management and leadership styles.

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Essential Management Skills for Senior Secretaries

Your position means that you are more than ever before part of the managerial structure of your organisation – involved in change, managing tight time schedules, negotiating with figures inside and outside the organisation and dealing tactfully with a range of difficult situations. Also, more responsibilities are being added to your workload.

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Other courses

We offer a number of other courses, including:

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Conflict Management  (2 days)

Time Management (1/2days)

Stress Management (1 day)

The Power of 7 – Creativity Workshop (1 day)

Coaching and Mentoring Skills (2 days)

Performance Management (2 days)

Sharpening Your Career Prospects (2 days)

Professional Networking (1 day)

Train the Trainer (2 days)

Facilitation Skills (2 days)

Leading and Managing Change (2 days)

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Content was very useful - good introduction to theories, balanced with lots of practical learning'

'Robert was a very skilled trainer/presenter- good mix of delivery/listening and very helpful and knowledgeable'

'Good introduction...Content was very useful, theories were balanced with lots of practical learning' 'Robert was a very skilled trainer, there was a good mix of delivering and learning on his behalf'

'Very knowledgeable'

'It provided useful tools and has put things in context. Very practical - he really knows his stuff!'

Wouter Van EE, Head of Business Operations, Panasonic Mobile Communications Development of Europe Ltd

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