This is offered to managers and executives who are looking to improve their overall performance in leading and managing others.

The coaching sessions consist of the following :

  • An initial session to establish and clarify  development needs and specific skill sets and competencies
  • A tailored ‘development plan’ to address issues through coaching in line with a “brief” from sponsor/manager
  • ‘Hands on’ coaching using a range of tools to address the following topics:- Personal effectiveness coaching through raising self and other awarenes

    - Working on behavioural techniques to address issues such as – self-projection, assertion and  interpersonal effectiveness – dealing with difficult people issues

    - Practical strategies for improving working relationships, upwards, sideways and downwards

    - Managing one to one and one to group interactions (teams and meetings

    - Problem solving and conflict resolution (managing and implementing change)

    - Guidance on career development

Roleplay, video, tailored case studies and diagnostic instruments are used to  reinforce learning and personal effectiveness.

The coaching approach includes  the establishment of a ‘personal development plan’ which can be  followed-up and monitored over a particular time-scale where required.

“Remote coaching” is also offered as part of a follow-up plan, where individuals are asked to maintain regular  contact by monitoring  progress via email and phonecall updates.

Content was very useful - good introduction to theories, balanced with lots of practical learning'

'Robert was a very skilled trainer/presenter- good mix of delivery/listening and very helpful and knowledgeable'

'Good introduction...Content was very useful, theories were balanced with lots of practical learning' 'Robert was a very skilled trainer, there was a good mix of delivering and learning on his behalf'

'Very knowledgeable'

'It provided useful tools and has put things in context. Very practical - he really knows his stuff!'

Wouter Van EE, Head of Business Operations, Panasonic Mobile Communications Development of Europe Ltd

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